How to do CAT exam preparation to get succeed

CAT exam preparation 

There are so many students who want to crack the CAT exam. It is one of the most sophisticated and a difficult one as well. CAT exam preparation as we know is for admission to the management or business schoos in India. Not only the IIM's there are many other B-schools in India which accept CAT exam score for admission. It is not easy to clear the CAT exam there are few students who get admission to these prestigious institutions, IIM's.

How to do CAT exam preparation to get succeed
How to do CAT exam preparation to get succeed

If you prefer prepare for it properly and with planning one can easily clear the CAT exam. Question arises in every CAT aspirant that how to do CAT exam preparation. Don't get overboard by seeing too many articles on the internet. We have given some CAT exam preparation tips which could be helpful given below :

Coaching or self CAT exam preparation

First of all all you need to decide whether you want to go for coaching or self preparation. Well it is always said that the best way to judge our capability can be through ourselves only. We can assess ourself and check whether we can go for self study for CAT exam preparation or not. Because not all of us can do self preparation for any kind of entrance exam. This is something rare to do but not impossible.

After analysing we can decide whether we want to go for coaching or not. If you decide it for self preparation you should be well focus set targets and achieve them. You should be honest to yourself. Give proper time to your study by following a time table.

The best way is to do to self study first the whole syllabus and then go for coaching classes. The idea is that it will help you to revise that what you have studied before. Taking coaching classes is not the hundred percent guarantee of getting passed in CAT exam.

Start as soon as possible

It is always advised to start as early as possible for anything to achieve good result. It is always believed that six to 12 months is a good amount of time to crack the CAT exam in the first attempt. The biggest advantage of start early for CAT exam preparation is that the student will have good amount of time if he get stuck on any topic.

Early preparation would mean that the student will have good amount of time to revise whatever he studied before. So, it is advisable to start preparation for CAT exam as soon as possible or at least 6 to 12 month before the exam date.

Time Management

'Time lost will never come back' we often heard about it. We need to understand it and do planning accordingly. It is very important for the student to divide the time to for the CAT exam preparation. It is not about that you are studying for 16 to 18 hours a day. It is not about how hard you studying, it's about how smartly you done it. 

Manage your time as you have in your hand for the CAT exam according to the need of different sections to study. In the past years exams one can assume there will be three section in the CAT exams. So if you have 6 months before the CAT exam you have to complete study all the three sections under 4 months then you will have 2 months to revise and to take mock test which will be really helpful for the CAT exam preparation.

Know your syllabus

If you want to compete in any exam the first thing you will need is syllabus. Because if you don't know about the questions which will come in the exam then how will you be able to answer them. But in case of CAT exam preparation, the IIM's which conduct the CAT exam did not prescribe any syllabus for it.

However, you can get relevance of topics from past years question paper of CAT exam. On the basis of it students can find topics to study on. There are three sections which can be related to CAT exam preparation which are given below :

Verbal ability and reading comprehension

This section for CAT exam preparation consists of question related to reading comprehension grammar vocabulary and reasoning. To prepare for reading comprehension student can start reading newspapers and novels for vocabulary and grammar one can read books on regular basis and can look for books which includes question based on verbal reasoning.

Data interpretation and logical reasoning

This section is to check student analytical skills and logical reasoning. The question in the section based on line charts, pie charts, bar charts, mixed charts. Student need to study a lot of questions based on the above mentioned topics.

Quantitative aptitude

This section for CAT exam preparation includes topic related to maths.

It requires a lot of practice on the formulas, concepts, theories. This section includes algebra, geometry, trigonometry and mensuration. If you were good any math at your school time it will really help you in this section. As this section needs a strong calculative mind set.

Quantitative aptitude
Take mock test

For CAT exam preparation self study is the best way no doubt about that. But the role of coaching centre come when it comes to analyse oneself's temperament. A lot of mock test and their analysis can brought improvement in short term. Candidates must need to take 2 to 3 mock test every week and should analyse themselves throughly.

While taking mock test students need to adhere to the sectional and within the time limit. The idea of taking mock test is to identify one's strong and weak area. Taking a lot of CAT exam mock test and their analysis brought consistent improvement in a short time.

Model test papers

For the CAT exam preparation student can practice model test paper different coaching centres. As they consist of new type of questions based on same concept which you have studied before. These model papers are well updated by coaching centres which will be really helpful.


If you have determination to do something there is nothing impossible. You need to understand that everything is done through proper planning. It's not about devoting a lot of time on study, it's about doing it in a smart way.

I have mention the points according to my knowledge which need to be take care while for CAT exam preparation. I hope the above information will be helpful. All the best all CAT aspirants thank you so much for reading don't forget to share and subscribe.

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