Planning your studies to get most out of it

Planning your study

When it comes to studies some of us get excited but most of us get bored. But when we heard about someone who did 99% we feel jealous, isn't it. It happens but why why he did better than us? Did he study harder than us or he knows that what questions are going to come in the examination?  

No that was nor because of hard work neither was fixed. It was because of smart work or smart study.

If you take a look at the toppers and interview them you will find that these guys it's something different from others. They did something smartly which was not normal. They plan there study in such a way that the result comes in their favour as they were looking for. 

So planning matters. If you plan your studies with proper planning, you will be able to get the awesome results. Sometime you may get negative results but one thing you should keep in mind that is keep try, try and try. 

If you look at the history you will find that most of the inventions happen because of many years of studies and experiments. The inventors did a lot of studies and spend years of their life to develop a single product. They Don't stop they study, they tried, the failed but they keep trying and finally they succeed.

पहली बॉल पर हमेशा छक्का नहीं लगता, तुक्का लगता है। 

That means you always can't get fabulous result in first attempt. Fabulous results take time. It takes a second to make history, but the time it take to make that second can be of many years. 

Planning your study in style

Before lecture

Read over your lecture slides and corresponding textbook notes. Google do storms you don't understand. Make a list of equations and vocabulary that you feel are important.Make a note on the questions you need to get clarification on from your teacher and ask them those questions.

During lecture

Make detailed note on your teachers lecture, not what is use of on the book. Because bookish knowledge is there but you have to check out what the teacher is saying in lecture. Also check out on which areas your teacher is emphasis on. 

After lecture

Revise your lecture notes and check what is difference and extra than the book has. This will solidify your understanding of the concepts. This need to be done within 24 hour of the lecture.

Weekend revision

You need to revise the whole studies of your lectures at the end of the week.you should revise and summarise all the lectures you start it throughout the week and can practice with your friend or either your family members.

Never stop, go ahead and try.

Proper Planning and keep trying is the key of success

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